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There are few ingredients to avoid making hair heavy or oily.


When it penetrates the hair, it deeply hydrates the interior of the strand, allowing it to nourish and repair itself.


If you have your hair damaged by external factors such as the weather, the constant use of the dryer, the dyes or the iron, it is usually dry, dehydrated, porous and rebellious, all this and more can change for the better using this product to hydrate the hair and restore the lost vitality.


** This product is the responsibility of the user.

Hair Oil - Large

  • Argan oil

    It is made up of essential fatty acids omega 6 and Vitamin E. This allows to nourish and revitalize hair.


    Extra virgin linseed oil

    Inside, linseed or flax oil contains a high content of omega 3 and is hydrating and restorative.


    Silica with sun protection

    It is a good conveyor that homogenizes the ingredients.

The use of this product is the responsibility of the user.

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