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ELASTINA Moisturizing with Metal Ball Its main function is the high capacity of water absorption, which translates into a high moisturizing power and elasticity, recommended for dry, damaged, flaccid or mature skin. Keep it in a cold and cool place (where it does not have direct contact with food) at the time of application, the pores shrink, the skin wakes up and the redness disappears, as well as, the feeling of freshness and relief is multiplied. This is intensified by the metal pellet, since at all times it is kept at a low temperature, this can offer that if it is not kept refrigerated and only in a cool place, without exposure to the sun, the sensation of freshness. What is elastin, how is it in the product? It is an insoluble hydrolyzed elastin liquid that contains high molecular weight fractions of the protein called elastin and collagen.

Elastin +

  • Su principal funcion es la alta capacidad de absorcion de agua, lo que se traduce en un alto poder hidratante y elasticidad
    - Mejora la firmeza y el tono de la piel
    - Combate la flacidez y piel cansada de nuestro rostro

The use of this product is the responsibility of the user.

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